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Pre & Post-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops: Tuesday 3rd December 2019

WORKSHOP A    10.00 - 12.30

Managing Obsolescence During The Second Life Of Trains Including How To Get Started With Additive Manufacturing As A Solution To Produce Spare Parts & Components

Mechanical and electrical parts, as well as software, have a high risk of obsolescence. Obsolescence of parts and components continues to be a major challenge for operators, suppliers and manufacturers. However, with additive manufacturing, the obsolescence problem can be solved.

This practical workshop is designed for those who have not yet entered the additive manufacturing scene and would like to get started. As well as helping you to understand how to manage obsolescence risk, this workshop will demonstrate how to make use of printing service bureaus and how this compares to investing in additive manufacturing machinery. It will provide vital information for newcomers to additive manufacturing who wish to produce different sorts of components.

Participants will be encouraged to share their challenges and problems concerning obsolescence management when dealing with very old fleets.

WORKSHOP B    14.00 - 16.30

Maintaining Software Controlled Trains To Maximise Safety And Reliability Including Understanding The Workforce Skills Required

Traditional maintenance practices are rapidly becoming phased out in favour of diagnostic based procedures for the ever-increasing volume of software-based systems on board trains. A completely different way of working is required, and a completely different skill set is required for maintaining the trains of the future.

This workshop will be discussing one of the most pressing issues in modern rail maintenance, the skills gap that is hindering modern maintenance practices and processes, and looks at finding solutions to evolve a workforce that is able to maintain and operate rolling stock as new technologies are introduced and implemented.


Post-Conference Workshops: Friday 6th December 2019

WORKSHOP C    10.00 - 12.30

Strategic Planning For Retrofitting On Board Data Collection Systems - Practical Considerations For The Future Roadmap

Many operators have a lot of rolling stock that is quite aged and needs to be used for several more years. This practical workshop for operators will look at the development of a technical retrofitting strategy or retrofitting roadmap.

As well as showing you how to produce a technical roadmap, the workshop will also outline the business case for retrofitting, including budgeting and how to get the go-ahead from management for different steps in retro-fittings.

Participants will be encouraged to share best practices and experiences in retrofitting, and how they have demonstrated their decisions and strategies to management.

From the technical side, it will also examine which technologies, which sensors and which devices are being used on the rolling stock itself, and which technologies are being used on the backend, such as databases and IoT and how these can be integrated when planning a retrofitting strategy.

WORKSHOP D    14.00 - 16.30   

Best Practice Depot Planning And Refurbishment To Incorporate New Technology - Including Robotics, Conditioning Monitoring Scanning Systems  & Automation - Plus Ensuring Staff Competency And Accuracy In The Depot

This workshop will demonstrate cost-effective solutions to Depot Planning and Depot Management. It will explore the very latest technologies that can be utilised and how you can adapt the design of your old depot to incorporate these new innovations.

Participants will be able to compare strategies and techniques for the all important issue of managing staff competency and accuracy in the depot


Day One

  • Operators case studies on realising the benefits of on-board data to deliver improved maintenance and operational outcomes
  • Examine the business case for implementing artificial intelligence predict faults & improve on-board system reliability
  • Evaluate the future roadmap on retrofitting legacy rolling stock for advanced strategies on retrofitting ageing rolling stock
  • Cost effective integration of IT Systems and databases including identifying and selecting the optimal back end IT & Database

Day Two

  • Strategies on up-skilling fleet maintenance workforce to deliver on investment in new data-driven technologies
  • Managing human factor in the depot and minimise incidents of maintenance and prevent costly errors
  • Examine solutions for addressing obsolescence to efficiently service component and deliver spare parts on time
  • Best practice on planning & optimising the depot and maintenance activities, including integration of new technologies and maintenance practice innovations


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