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Marco Caposciutti

Technical Director

Trenitalia (Italy)

Marco Caposciutti has been the Technical Director of Trenitalia since 2012; Trenitalia is the railway undertaking of FSI (Italian Railway Company) that manages railway services with a volume of about 7,000 trains per day.

Headquartered in Florence, Mr Caposciutti oversees 3000 employees including the functions of Maintenance (with direct control of 9 plants) Engineering, Management of Safety, Project Management for purchasing new rolling stock; he reports to the CEO of Trenitalia.

Prior to this positions, Mr Caposciutti has held executive positions in Trenitalia, with responsibility for Frecciarossa train services Maintenance for the Freight Division. Mr Caposciutti  started his career in Trenitalia in 1993 as an engineer employed in the Technical Department; before this, he had experience in an iron and steel factory as an engineer dedicated to maintenance.

Mr Caposciutti holds a B.S. degree in electric engineer from Pisa University/Italy in 1990. Mr Caposciutti is chairman of the committee for the organization of the World Congress of Railway Research that will be held in Milan in 2016.

Marco Caposciutti
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Day One

  • Understanding The Real Opportunities And Challenges Of Introducing New Maintenance Technologies Into The Rail Sector
  • Getting The Right Balance Between Condition Based Monitoring And Corrective Maintenance
  • Case Study On Implementation Of Digitalisation Of Maintenance
  • Optimise Services And Reduce Cost With Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Performance And Reliability Optimisation Through Predictive Maintenance
  • Data interpretability
  • Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Applications To RSM.
  • Practical Examples Of Robotics Functions In RSM.
  • Evaluate The Pros And Cons Of Retrofitting Vs Procuring New Rolling Stock

Day Two

  • Developing A Workforce Strategy To Maximise Digitalisation Of Maintenance Benefits
  • Ensuring Your IT Infrastructure Is Ready For Your New System
  • Optimising Maintenance Processes To Anticipate Adverse Wweather Conditions
  • How To Optimise Your Maintenance Processes Without Compromising Safety And Performance
  • Understanding How To Co-Ordinate Rolling Stock Downtime To Meet Maintenance Needs
  • Management Strategies For Cost Effectively Replacing Obsolete Spare Parts, Components And Materials
  • Improving Your Maintenance Organisation's Environmental Sustainability Credentials Whilst Lowering Running Costs
  • What RAMP Compliance, European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) And Other Regulations Really Mean To Maintenance Of Rolling Stock

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