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Gerald Schinagl

Digital Innovation Manager

ÖBB BCC GmbH (Austria)

Gerald started his career in media-field, programming software dealing with the archiving of multimedia data, and advanced to the role of an Enterprise Architect in the aviation industry. A main project was the introduction of the collaborative decision making process and connecting IT-Tools & Analytics for Vienna International Airport.

At the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) Gerald works in the field of innovation and prototyping, specialising in data in its various aspects. This includes Classic Data, Big Data, Smart Data, Data Science, Predictive Analytics and Cognitive Analysis for various business segments in the ÖBB - Group. The department of Digital Innovations (branded DIGI@ttack), was established in July 2017 and is responsible for operational digitalisation across the group, driving the company towards the goal of a digital railway.

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Day One

  • Operators case studies on realising the benefits of on-board data to deliver improved maintenance and operational outcomes
  • Examine the business case for implementing artificial intelligence predict faults & improve on-board system reliability
  • Evaluate the future roadmap on retrofitting legacy rolling stock for advanced strategies on retrofitting ageing rolling stock
  • Cost effective integration of IT Systems and databases including identifying and selecting the optimal back end IT & Database

Day Two

  • Strategies on up-skilling fleet maintenance workforce to deliver on investment in new data-driven technologies
  • Managing human factor in the depot and minimise incidents of maintenance and prevent costly errors
  • Examine solutions for addressing obsolescence to efficiently service component and deliver spare parts on time
  • Best practice on planning & optimising the depot and maintenance activities, including integration of new technologies and maintenance practice innovations


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