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Bob Spadafora

Senior Executive Officer - Rail Fleet Services

LA Metro

Bob has worked in transit industry for over 33 years with extensive knowledge in rail vehicle engineering, design, operations and maintenance. Bob has a Bachelor's of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering. He has had the honor and privilege to have worked for some of the transit industries finest equipment manufacturers/car builders (Morrison-Knudsen, Siemens Transportation Systems), transit consultants (Parsons-Brinkerhoff, Parsons, International Aviation Consultants) and transit agencies (NYCT, BSDA, MARTA, LA Metro) gaining a very diverse and unique transportation perspective. Couple this with specific experience with rail vehicle manufacturing, engineering/design, testing/commissioning, systems integration/acceptance, start-up/revenue service operations and vehicle maintenance makes Bob an extremely valuable player to have on your transit team. Bob's continues to push new and better ways to move the transit industry forward by promoting new technologies and ideas.

Some of his major Rail Transit accomplishments include:

*Member of the NYCT Door Task Force - solved fleet-wide door switch problem

*Major contributor to the NYTA Vehicle Overhauls - R32, R42 and R46 cars

*Major contributor to the Reliability Center Maintenance program for MARTA

*Start-up LRT System in St. Louis, MO.

*Start-up LRT Expansions for Expo Line and Gold Lines for LA Metro

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Share Solutions for Identifying Problems And Improving Processes

"When mistakes are made, we have a very counterproductive habit of blaming someone for a problem and thinking that retraining them in the same activity will make the problem go away and a lot of the time, the issue simply resurfaces. Moreover, it doesn't stop the next person getting it wrong either"

Fleet Technical Manager - European Mainline Operator

Find Lean Solutions For Unpredictable Times

"Passenger revenues are down and the outlook for the next 12 months is likely to remain uncertain at best. So now, more than ever, we need to keep our costs low and innovate at the same time. It is all about how we balance reliability with reducing costs and controlling risk. Easy to say, but the challenging part is actually achieving such  sweet-spot."

Head Of Fleet Maintenance - European Rail Operator


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