TrackIQ Trimble




Humaware are a UK technology development company who are at the forefront of developing and implementing data driven predictive analytics that enable organisations to extract actionable information from their remote condition monitoring data. Our condition indicator approach to defect detection enables our toolsets to be unbound by the structure of one specific industry and have been applied to different asset types across rail, aerospace, marine and energy sectors. 
An end to end predictive maintenance capability was demonstrated on London Underground escalators where our tools detected events on average 382 days in advance of maintenance. These detections were timely enough to provide risk based Remaining Useful Lives which were validated. A risk based dynamic scheduling demonstrator was produced to demonstrate that actionable information for scheduling maintenance can be produced autonomously using data driven predicative analytics. (Innovate UK/RSSB).
Our most recent projects include monitoring Track Circuit Indicators where we were able to remove the requirement to set and maintain the five fixed alert detection thresholds for each individual track circuit and provide actionable defect diagnosis using a novel user interface.


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