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Meet Senior Decision Makers From

  • U.K. Rail Operators
  • European Rail Operators
  • Global Rail Operators

With The Following Job Titles:

COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Rolling Stock
  • Fleet
  • Maintenance
  • Fleet/Vehicle/Rolling Stock Engineering
  • Innovation
  • Asset Management/Asset Strategy
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Operations
  • Depot
  • Contracts

Plus Condition-Based Monitoring & Prediction Solution Providers including

  • Sensors & IOT Devices - Acoustic/Vibration/Temperature
  • ​Data Transmission Wireless/Cellular
  • Data Visualisation & Reporting
  • Data Processing & Analytics
  • Integration Solutions With Maintenance & Asset Management
  • Decision Support Services


  • ​Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics
  • Automation & Digitalisation Solutions
  • Green Technologies & Solutions

Testimonials from our Rolling Stock Maintenance Conference:

From the 2023 Congress: "A seminar worth attending not only for the content but for the information delivered and to network with other like minded individuals"
General Manager Rolling Stock, Keolis Amey DLR

From the 2023 Congress: "A place where you can really have time to meet your peers and have in-depth exchange of views. I recommend!"  SNCF Voyageurs

From the 2023 Congress: "Very informative discussions held throughout. Great to see some of the innovation ongoing in the industry as we all try to find efficiencies in maintenance"
Lead Support Engineer - Hitachi Rail

From the 2023 Congress: "A first class event to help understand current train maintenance trends", Writer Rail Engineer Magazine/CPC Systems

MTR ''Well organised conference with comprehensive content for you to take away for your business''

Marketing Executive, Route Reports

It was a great chance to learn and meet impactful individuals in the industry

Siemens PLC ''A thought provoking conference that allowed a number of areas to be considered and new ideas to take away''

Fleet Director, Hitachi Rail

Fantastic conference that provides the platform to drive forward innovation within the rail industry..

Hitachi "A topic the industry must explore & evolve together''

Land Transport Authority "It is a place to understand technology & challenges faced in condition-based maintenance''

KNORR-BREMSE "As a systems supplier to the rail industry the amount of experience shared here by operators (our customers) is really impressive"

Hitachi Rail Europe "Very well organised event with a focus on the customer and audience participation"

PCMS Engineering "Great event that brings all levels of the industry together to share knowledge, experience and passion"

Bonatrans Group "Very good conference. A unique opportunity to meet with head engineers and maintenance managers from variety of companies and projects...

Lloyd's Register Rail "There was a wealth of experience and knowledge shared from key staff within the industry"

Infrabel "I appreciate the down to earth approach in many presentations."

Faiveley Transport "Good forum to discuss the changes taking place in rolling stock maintenance and to see where the future is...

Hitachi Rail Great conference, well organised and with a wide range of speakers on industry relevant topics. Would highly recommend. 

Skanska "A very interesting spectrum of topics."

TPG "A great opportunity to meet with peers, discuss experiences, develop and share new ideas. Absolutely essential for anyone who is committed to achieving excellence in...

Alstom Transport "An excellent congress, and one which is very relevant to my position and company's development.

Alstom Transport "An excellent congress, and one which is very relevant to my position and company's development.

UOM Solutions, Chief Revenue Officer "Specific focus with very knowledgeable people"

Axel Christiernsson International AB, MDE Global Key...

Alstom, Data Scientist "Great opportunity to be in touch with some of the key business drivers"

Hitachi Rail, Development Manager "A good variety of interesting speakers from across the industry"

Nomad Tech, Head of SW Development "Real & valuable insight on current status & trends on rolling stock...

Danobat, Area Sales Manager "Really interesting event to share experiences"

Angel Trains "A broad and reflective conference. Recommended"

Nem Solutions, Business Development Manager "CBM and data analytics has become the new challenge for all the key players of the supply chain on railway"

Siemens AG "The presentations and discussions give a good insight and are really helpful for me"

Hitachi Rail Europe, Assistant Engineering Manager "A gathering of like-minded...

Stadler Rail AG "Very well structured and focussed conference on the subject of operational monitoring."

Metrô Rio ''High level conference with speakers and chairs showing the innovation and future of rolling stock''

Chicago Transit Authority "This conference addressed all of the key issues in an engaging and fresh way - it was good to meet with my peers to discuss industry developments, both present and for the future also."

Eurostar "A thought provoking conference that allowed a number of areas to be considered and new ideas to take away"

Alstom "I would like to come back next year to take advantage of the congress... to plan strategic projects for my company."


Implementing Cost-Saving Innovations In Fleet Maintenance To Improve Availability

  • Examine rail maintenance mega trends to enhance service, capacity, and passenger experience while lowering the cost
  • Transitioning to condition-based maintenance in conjunction with classical maintenance strategies 
  • Taking steps to cut costs and decide how many people to hire at a time when unions are more active and industrial action more frequent 
  • The macro view on establishing a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout maintenance, asset management & operations  
  • Best practices on building the technical expertise to analyse and use data for maintenance decision making effectively
  • Application of ai algorithms to automate the process of cleaning & pre-processing data, as well as detecting anomalies to save time and money 
  • Creating digital twins of rolling stock to simulate and analyse maintenance scenarios, identify potential problems, and optimise maintenance plans
  • Digitalisation solutions that maximise ROI and cost reduction

Maintenance Planning For All Categories Of Fleets And Handling Obsolescence

  • Revisiting the conversation on outsourcing vs. Insourcing rail maintenance in the context of escalating prices, more frequent industrial action & a driving need to reduce cost 
  • Addressing the challenges of cost-effectively maintaining the reliability of locomotives as they age  
  • Reducing energy consumption - implementing new technology upgrades & modifying maintenance techniques
  • Finding solutions to address the availability of components in the supply chain  
  • Proactively addressing mechanical and safety-critical component obsolesce cost-effectively 
  • Optimising the size of the engineering workforce based on the volume & type of maintenance

Future-Proofing New And Existing Depots

  • Cost-competitively future-proofing new & existing rail depots to ensure flexibility for evolving fleet requirements – what is needed over the next 5, 10 or 20 years?   
  • Upgrading existing depots to support a range of fleets & maintenance regimes cost-effectively
  • Transitioning from a time interval to more conditional-based monitoring in the depot 
  • Optimising the depot to prioritise retrofitting that delivers the most benefit for the least cost and to ensure the required equipment is integrated seamlessly 
  • Practicalities of optimising the use of data in the depot environment for safe, more targeted maintenance  
  • Standardising workforce training across all depots using the latest virtual reality & software apps
  • Prioritising investment in depot automation to reduce the cost of cleaning, essential maintenance & safety optimisation

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