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With The Following Job Titles:

COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Rolling Stock
  • Fleet
  • Maintenance
  • Fleet/Vehicle/Rolling Stock Engineering
  • Innovation
  • Asset Management/Asset Strategy
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Operations
  • Depot
  • Contracts

Plus Condition-Based Monitoring & Prediction Solution Providers including

  • Sensors & IOT Devices - Acoustic/Vibration/Temperature
  • ​Data Transmission Wireless/Cellular
  • Data Visualisation & Reporting
  • Data Processing & Analytics
  • Integration Solutions With Maintenance & Asset Management
  • Decision Support Services


  • ​Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics
  • Automation & Digitalisation Solutions
  • Green Technologies & Solutions

Jared Hoag

Depot Manager

London North Eastern Railway

“From my first job at 17, I learned the value of standardisation and process management. I was a “lube tech” at a fast oil change facility where the customer had their oil changed, air filter checked, windows washed, car vacuumed, and on their way in as little as 10 minutes. To achieve this, (and they did it well), they had a set standard that was followed, which ensured quality and safety. It was simply the way they did business.

I’ve been in transport all my life, and nearly 30 years later, I still remember that lesson, and that experience affected my work ethic ever since. As I went to tech school, working on heavy trucks, I worked hard to integrate that standardisation into everything I did, performing repairs methodically, creating personal checks and balances to ensure that nothing was missed, and my personal goal of having the highest quality repair became a way of life, adding in honesty, integrity, and transparency to all that I did.

My career has progressed far beyond my wildest dreams, taking the values of integrity, transparency, quality, I was able to progress rapidly into shop leadership, demonstrating the skills that won business, satisfied customers, and supported technicians on the tools, helping them to effect high quality repairs in the work they did, within resource limits, and creating a culture of safety and easy to do business with.

Working for Cummins opened up a new world for me. They have values that closely aligned with mine, and knew the value of process and standardisation. Combine that with 6 Sigma tools being used to streamline processes and improve efficiency and I was hooked. These skills, values, and tools allowed me to take my time at Cummins managing a small branch to great success, turning a branch that had lost money for many years to having a profit for the full 5 years I was there, at the same time investing in safety reduced lost time incidents dramatically.

Moving to Aberdeen I started in the bus world as an engineering manager, and I now manage a railway Depot in Aberdeen, working for a company with the same values I have, with aligned goals to produce effective and high quality work, so that our passengers can travel knowing that the train they are riding is serviced to the highest standard. I love being a part of something that fosters growth and self-improvement, being a moving part in an organisation and industry that moves millions of people around the country.”


DAY 1 - 27 JUNE 2023 

Implementing Cost-Saving Innovations In Fleet Maintenance To Improve Availability

  • Examine rail maintenance mega trends to enhance service, capacity, and passenger experience while lowering the cost
  • Transitioning to condition-based maintenance in conjunction with classical maintenance strategies 
  • Taking steps to cut costs and decide how many people to hire at a time when unions are more active and industrial action more frequent 
  • The macro view on establishing a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout maintenance, asset management & operations  
  • Best practices on building the technical expertise to analyse and use data for maintenance decision making effectively
  • Application of ai algorithms to automate the process of cleaning & pre-processing data, as well as detecting anomalies to save time and money 
  • Creating digital twins of rolling stock to simulate and analyse maintenance scenarios, identify potential problems, and optimise maintenance plans
  • Digitalisation solutions that maximise ROI and cost reduction

DAY 2 – 28 JUNE 2023

Maintenance Planning For All Categories Of Fleets And Handling Obsolescence

  • Revisiting the conversation on outsourcing vs. Insourcing rail maintenance in the context of escalating prices, more frequent industrial action & a driving need to reduce cost 
  • Addressing the challenges of cost-effectively maintaining the reliability of locomotives as they age  
  • Reducing energy consumption - implementing new technology upgrades & modifying maintenance techniques
  • Finding solutions to address the availability of components in the supply chain  
  • Proactively addressing mechanical and safety-critical component obsolesce cost-effectively 
  • Optimising the size of the engineering workforce based on the volume & type of maintenance


DAY 3 – 29 JUNE 2023

Future-Proofing New And Existing Depots

  • Cost-competitively future-proofing new & existing rail depots to ensure flexibility for evolving fleet requirements – what is needed over the next 5, 10 or 20 years?   
  • Upgrading existing depots to support a range of fleets & maintenance regimes cost-effectively
  • Transitioning from a time interval to more conditional-based monitoring in the depot 
  • Optimising the depot to prioritise retrofitting that delivers the most benefit for the least cost and to ensure the required equipment is integrated seamlessly 
  • Practicalities of optimising the use of data in the depot environment for safe, more targeted maintenance  
  • Standardising workforce training across all depots using the latest virtual reality & software apps
  • Prioritising investment in depot automation to reduce the cost of cleaning, essential maintenance & safety optimisation

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